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About Jonathan

My childhood was filled with adventure and wonder. The kind of adventure that involves cross country road trips to iconic locations in a Volkswagen bus, mysterious stories shared around campfires and many nights of sleeping where the wild things are. Mile after mile of backroad driving, cow counting and song singing, with a honk and a wave for every stranger we passed by. I learned the importance of getting lost, how to navigate with a folding paper map, that every road leads to somewhere and that the world is a really big place, yet so small. Along the way I picked up a camera and developed a love for the art of photography. I discovered the secret super powers of the camera, and realized a deep motivation for documenting experiences, connecting with others and sharing memories from the road through this collection of work.

Capture Eleven is a project rising from the foundation of my childhood experience; part boutique photography studio, part lifestyle brand, and all about the spirit of adventure!  A project of discovery through rediscovery, if you will. The work is fun and unscripted, the genre is undefined and somewhat random, the subjects are beautiful and unique, the locations are global, and chasing the next great capture is everything.

I'm thrilled to have you on this journey with me!

To new adventures,